Apple Warms Up to Hackers – Plans Presentation at Black Hat

Black Hat conference is a gathering of computer hackers, which has been going on for the past 15 years. This is the place where the unknown become known. However, for all this time that this conference is being held, one company has always been absent from it and that company is no other than Apple.

Major technology vendors have over the time, overcame their reluctance to making a public appearance at this conference and Apple was the only one left. Since, Apple is now one of the world’s most valuable companies; it should have had no problems in snubbing the community whose sole purpose is to unearth the riches of Apple. However, this is all set to change soon at the Black Hat Conference when the manager of Apple’s platform security team, Dallas De Atley, will give a presentation on the key security technologies within the iOS. iOS are the operating systems that iPhone and iPad run on, so it will be presentation worth watching, and we will leave it on time that what becomes of it.

The general manager of Black Hat, Trey Ford, mentioned that it would be the first time ever when a representative from Apple has ever taken a stage at Black Hat or at its sibling conference, DefCon. This is all adding to the hype of this presentation and what will come of it.

The main reason this presentation is so important is because in the recent years, Apple’s product image of being hack proof have been stripped off and the rise of this company has also made it a much bigger target to such threats that it will be giving a presentation to in Las Vegas at the Black Hat Conference. Hackers have been discovering bugs in the iPhone ever since it came out back in 2007 and in addition to that, more than 600,000 MacBooks were infected this year, which was the first major malicious software attack that targeted Apple computers only.

It is true that computers that are running on Microsoft’s Windows and the smart phones that are running on Google’s Android OS are targeted more often than Apple. However, in the recent years, the attacks on Apple have become noteworthy, which is probably because of company’s exalted reputation for the security of its products, which is being stripped off now.

In the past, the security researchers of Apple have lurked through the halls of Black Hat and other conferences, but 2008 was the only year when Apple even got close to the stage to speak publicly. However, that speaking was canceled by the company’s marketing department when they got to hear about it. Back then, a panel of Apple insiders was scheduled to give an insight about security response team of the company, but as mentioned earlier, it was abruptly canceled by the company’s marketing department.

“Bottom line — no one at Apple speaks without marketing approval,” Ford said. “Apple will be at Black Hat 2012, and marketing is on board.” Microsoft first took the stage at the Black Hat conference in 1998 and Google did the same in 2010. Ford also added that, “in joining them, Apple is acknowledging that it needs a stronger relationship with the hacking community as its products grow in popularity and come under heavier attack.”

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