Apple vs. Samsung Patent War continues

As the patent blame game continue, the battle of the two most leading companies, Samsung and Apple, is still on. Time after time we see Apple giving legal notices to HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Kodak and from the spring of 2011 Samsung. So what triggered this expensive and heated lawsuit by Apple? Apparently it has been said that Apple filed a law suit against Samsung over the patents of the touch screen technology of Galaxy Tab. However, Samsung didn’t back out and in an attempt to answer to this, filed another lawsuit on Apple claiming the violation of three 3G data transmission in Apples iPhone 4 and 4S and also the new iPad model.

A hearing on Monday focused on two Australian patents, No. 2005202512 and No. 2006241621 which Apple supposedly violated according to Samsung. The two patents are related to the 3G data transmissions concerning the power control and format packet headers. Patent no. 2005239657 will be dealt with later in the year which concerns the rate matching patterns in the 3G data transmission.

In the previous lawsuit filed by Apple in 2011 Samsung did try to patch things up by licensing the patents on fair terms which was acceptable for both the parties but according to Neil Young, Apple had refused any sorts of negotiations with Samsung.

Samsung requested Justice Annabelle Claire Bennett to separate both the trials. The trial would be in the end of the week and the rest are going to be in October.

Both these leading brands have this war raging in numerous countries. In USA, Samsung lost an appeal for a stay of the preliminary injunction which bans the sale of Galaxy 10.1 tablet. In the past Samsung was also denied a preliminary injunction sale of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone by the US District.

It was a loss for Samsung when on July 9th a judge in UK ruled that Samsung’s tablets are not according to the registered Apple’s design as they aren’t cool and does not posses the simplicity Apple’s iPad posses. In that case Samsung declared of three of their tablets do in fact do not register to Apple’s design.

However let us not assume that Samsung had all loses. In the Netherlands on the 20th of June Apple was indeed found to be infringed Samsung’s 3G patent by using the Intel and Infineon chips in their iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 and also to be used in iPad 1 and 2. The court ruled in favor of Samsung saying that Apple caused harm to Samsung by using these chips without any license fee.

Whatever the case may be it is evident that all these lawsuits by the two most major companies worldwide lead to the loss of the common man. The expensive lawsuits lead to an increase in the prices of these products which in turn becomes a burden on the consumers. Alas in the end the real sufferer turns out to be neither Apple or Samsung but the consumers, shareholders and investors who have to deal with the increasing product prices and business costs.