Apple To Extend The Retina Treatment To New iMac

Last month saw the Apple lineup of Mac notebooks getting upgraded and the new MacBook Pro even got its own Retina Display. It is then only a matter of time that all of Apple’s product range gets upgraded to Apple’s proprietary high resolution display. Digitimes, the Taiwanese tech site thinks so too. According the sites industry sources, the iMac range of all in one desktop computers will are set to be upgraded and Retina display is going to be a part of it.

“Apple’s supply chain reportedly will start supplying components for the mass production of Apple’s upcoming new iMac all-in-one PC in July with the device’s official launch possibly around October, according to sources from upstream supply chain,” says the Digitimes report.

“The sources also noted that Apple plans to expand Retina Display into all the product lines, meaning that the new iMac will have a high chance of featuring Retina Display; however, the rumors are not confirmed by Apple.”

The report states that in spite of the lack of content that can take advantage of the higher than standard resolution of the retina display and the high cost of production and sale,  Apple still wants to be ahead of its competitors. All the other PC manufacturers still offer only full high definition displays which is far lesser than what Apple’s display can offer but they are in no hurry to develop displays with higher resolution.

The report also states that Apple also has plans to launch redesigned iMac and Mac Pro’s in 2013.
However, the prospect of seeing a retina iMac as soon as October and then another product   redesign next year, seems highly unlikely. If Apple is indeed planning to upgrade the iMacs and add retina displays, it will most likely be next year. It should also be noted that the MacBook Air still lacks retina display which Apple might decide to cover up next.

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  1. Cramming that many pixels onto a screen that small is stupid, and the unnaturally hypersaturated color make it unsuitable for serious use with photos or video

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