Apple Still Letting Users Migrate From MobileMe To iCloud For A Limited Time

Apple’s MobileMe is finally closed for good. Anyone who visits the MobileMe site now will find a digital “MobileMe is closed” sign hanging on the home page. MobileMe went completely offline yesterday. But that is not all that you will see there. The home page reads a few more information other than the closed sign. It displays a link to move to iCloud, the site will still let you find a lost device (particularly useful if you own an older generation device not capable of running iOS 5 or OS X Lion) and more importantly, Apple is still letting MobileMe users, of which, inevitable, there are a few left, migrate to iCloud. The company will also allow you to retrieve your photos from Gallery and files from iDisk.

Last year, Apple decided to gradually shut down the unsuccessful MobileMe cloud based service completely and concentrate on its replacement, Apple’s iCloud service. iCloud was finally launched along with iOS 5. iCloud provides free syncing services to all Apple device owners for free along with a limited amount of storage space. For more storage space and professional features and support, Apple applies a subscription charge.

MobileMe which earlier used to be called iTools, was started more than a decade ago on 5 January 2000. Later on it was rebranded as .Mac and provided services such as a virus scanner, a backup utility and of course, an early version of iDisk. With the start of .Mac, Apple started charging a subscription fee of $99 which did not do down too well with customers.
Again in the year 2008, .Mac service was revamped and renamed as MobileMe and it was launched alongside iPhone 3G, iPhone App Store and iOS 2.0 or iPhone OS 2.0 as it was then called.
It has always been a downhill journey for MobileMe as it failed to garner any significant popularity among developers or regular users until, finally, Apple had to finally take the inevitable decision of moving over MobileMe to a much more advanced cloud service. Apple iCloud.