Apple Not Complying with EU Warranty Policy in Italy and Portugal, In for Trouble

Apple is facing the flak in a lot of lawsuits around the globe and these days these lawsuits are not being initiated by competing companies only. Apparently, the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection, also known as DECO, has filed a lawsuit against Apple aiming the way the company has misrepresented the European Union’s warranty policy in the country.

Apparently, Apple has mentioned in one of their websites that the EU warranty policy only covers defects that are found at the time of delivery of the device. This is not the case. The EU specifically mentions that their two-year coverage is for all kinds of defects that can happen even after the product is delivered and during these two years. This misrepresentation by Apple has actually boosted the sale of their optional AppleCare warranty, which is quite expensive. Normally, this expensive AppleCare warranty would not even have to be required by consumer within the first two years, but for this dubious misrepresentation.

Consumers find it unimaginable that their expensive investment would be without any sort of coverage and are easily coerced into buying this. It is also known that Apple is the target of some similar chin music in Italy, where they have failed to provide the minimum two years of mandatory free after sales service for their products. The AGCM competition and the Italian Market Authority have warned Apple and even fined the technology giant with EUR 900,000 for non-compliance and failing to inform consumers of the free service availability. This also resulted in consumers going for the optional AppleCare warranty service.

In spite of the fine and the warning, it has been reported that Apple has not charged its policy. The likely result of the same could be Apple’s closure of operations in Italy initiated by the AGCM for a period of 30 days and a further fine of EUR 300,000.