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Apple May Offer Smaller Dock Connector Adaptor

Rumor has it that Apple could offer an adaptor that will allow users to ensure compatibility of the upcoming iPhone and iPad with legacy products. The adaptor will work with the smaller 19-pin connector that is expected to be found on the new devices. This connector will allegedly replace the original 30-pin connector on the iPhone and iPad.

Supposedly, users will get their hands on the 19-pin to 30-pin connector adaptor once the new iPhone is launched. Unfortunately, whether Apple will be providing the adaptor with the iPhone, or is selling it as a separate accessory, remains to be known at present. The latter seems quite possible, given that last month when Apple redesigned the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro laptops and included a new MagSafe 2 port, it sold a converter separately for $9.99.

Back in February, the website iMore reported that the future iPhone and iPod devices will have the 19-pin connector. Since then, the iLounge website described the new connector as being “closer to the pill shape” and claimed that the connector will appear on all of Apple’s forthcoming products. More recently, the media giant Reuters, citing sources, published a report that is in line with the rumor. Alleged image leaks moreover show the new design on the iPhone which features the 19-pin dock connector at the bottom of the device.

It is believed that Apple is implementing this change from the 30-pin to the 19-pin connector because of its decision to move the position of the audio jack to the bottom of the smartphone. At present, this jack is placed at the top part of the iPhone.

Moreover, the new connector is said to come with a security feature that will enable the phone to recognize whether the parts used on the connector are those that bear Apple’s approval. Thus, it will assist the Cupertino company in regulating accessories.

Via appleinsider

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