Apple iPhone 5 to Have Thinner Screen

Over recent weeks we have been accustomed to leaks and reports, wetting our appetite for the Apple iPhone 5, rumoured to be released later this year.

The latest report according to the Wall Street Journal suggests the newest version of the Apple smartphone will have a thinner screen.

As a result of the adoption of in-cell technology, the current touch –panel layer of the iPhone, supplied by Taiwan’s Wintek Corp and TPK Holding Co Ltd, is no longer required.  The technology adopted integrates the touch sensors into the LCD, resulting in the additional touch screen panel being unnecessary.

The winners in the scenario are the users who will find the screens to be not only thinner, but it reported by Hiroshi Hayase, of DisplaySearch that the quality of the displayed images would be much improved.  The LCD panels are being manufactured by Asian component makers, Sharp Corp, Japan Display Inc and South Korea’s LG Display Co Ltd.

Rumours of a thinner screen first surfaced in April of this year, MacRumours noted analyst Ming_chi Kuo’s commenting the screen itself could be 15% thinner with the new approach.  The new screens are said to be ‘challenging’ to manufacture for the suppliers.

Whilst the new technology is thought to shave about half a millimetre from the device, it doesn’t necessarily mean the device itself will end up thinner, as it’s possible that Apple could use the extra space for other features, the Wall Street Journal suggests, possibly a larger battery given the enhanced features anticipated in the iPhone 5.

Whilst it is unknown what battery is going to be used in the iPhone 5, the almost identical form of leaked images had resulted in some speculation that the current iPhone 4 would be used, however the better processor and 4G LTE support could result in a poorer battery life, so the ability to incorporate a larger battery without a negative impact on size or visual appearance will undoubtedly be something being considered by Apple.

The slimmer screen will also be seen as another shot in the ongoing rivalry with Android smartphones, most notably the Samsung Galaxy S3 which uses thin OLED screen technology, a feature considered a standard feature by the Korean manufacturer.

The recent leaked images of the iPhone 5 also raised speculation that it will be using a 4 inch screen, increased from the 3.5 inch of previous models.  Whilst Apple has previously stated that 4-inch screens aren’t optimal for mobiles devices, this change of opinion may in part be influenced by the rise of plus 4 inch phones, again, more especially the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is set to hit 10 million sales by the end of July.

Unsurprisingly, Apple are not making comment at this stage and so now we await further news of when the IPhone will arrive, possibly as early as Autumn this year, probably alongside the launch of iOS 6.  The other notable comment in the WSJ is what the phone will be named, with speculation rising on whether or not indeed it will be named IPhone 5.

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