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Apple iPad Mini won’t have Retina Display: Rumors

iPad Mini

The Apple iPad, ever since its inception, has dominated the market. There were a few Android tablets floating around, but didn’t quite manage to gain traction in the presence of the iPad. Google’s ambitious attempt at a dedicated tablet version of Android didn’t bear any fruit either. But things are not the same now. Google has learnt from its mistakes and has decided to keep a default OS for both smartphones and tablets. Microsoft too is joining in on the action with its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets running on Windows 8, though these tablets have a different market altogether.

The most recent addition to the mix however is the Google Nexus 7, a 7-inch tablet running on the latest and greatest version of Android i.e. Jelly Bean. The tablet is a direct hit at Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which features a unique app store and is not supported by Google. What this means is that the companies are now considering shrinking down the size of the tablets to make it more pocket-friendly and easy to carry around. And these tablets are in no way a competition to the Apple iPad since they cater to different sets of users. So what’s Apple doing in the midst of all this? Well, the company is believed to be working on something called the iPad Mini from a few months now. While initially believed to be one of the hundreds of prototypes that the company works on, the device is slowly taking shape now.

We have heard a bundle of rumors regarding the device, including specs, size etc. Unsurprisingly, we have also heard reports that the 7 or 8-inch device will sport a pixel packed Retina Display much like all of its latest iOS flagships. These rumors however, seem to be false as two of Bloomberg’s sources claiming to have info about Apple’s plans have mentioned that the device will not have a Retina Display like its older sibling, the iPad 3. The info however doesn’t shed light on the display resolution/pixel density of the new iDevice. Maybe Apple will use the same display panel as with the first and second iterations of the iPad (1024×768 pixels) which was merely okay.

This info however doesn’t come as a surprise, mainly because the iPad Mini is believed to have a go at sub $300 tablets like the Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 and an array of other Android tablets. Hence Apple would want to do as much cost cutting as possible. That being said, Apple is known for its surprises and we could be treated to something out of the blue. The device is somewhat of an enigma now with very scarce info available, but I personally believe that Apple will launch the device along with the next iPhone, maybe in October. It seems like the Nexus 7 has some tough competition ahead. For now though, the tablet is undoubtedly the best Android device money can buy. Unfortunately for Amazon, it won’t be long before the Kindle Fire gets lost in the crowd.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Pocketnow

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