Apple demanding $2.5 billion as damages from Samsung

The legal tussle between technology giants Apple and Samsung continues. In a fresh development, Cupertino based tech-tycoon Apple has demanded $2.525 billion from Samsung due to previous copyright infringements. A unit cost breakdown carried out by Foss Patents reveals that Apple is actually asking $2.02 for every Samsung product that uses a feature named “overscroll bounce”, another $2.02 for devices that allow “tap to zoom and navigate” feature, and yet another $3.10 for devices that allows “scrolling API”. Apart from this, Apple is claiming a brazen $24 amount for each device that violates an Apple design patent. This demand from Apple is being seen by the media with contempt.

Lately, Apple is carrying an unbridled sue row on its competitors and people are now fed up with its overwhelming hubris. “Should Apple continue to make excessive legal claims based on such generic designs, innovation in the industry could be harmed and consumer choice unduly limited” said a Samsung sportsperson in reply to the repeated hounding by Apple. On the other side Apple maintains a view that smartphones and tablets of Samsung look, operate and feel too much like its iPads and iPhones. This has led the two competitors to file a series of claims and counterclaims against each other which are hitting the headlines every now and then.

Since the launch of its iconic iPhone, Apple has enjoyed the unchallenged status as the single biggest dominator of the smartphone market. The only dent in the Apple’s market share was made by the Samsung’s latest sensation, Galaxy Series Smartphone range, which has irked the overconfident Apple leading to these legal confrontations. These recent developments also reflect Apple’s growing fear for losing the top spot in the smartphone segment.

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