AOL Launches PLAY by AOL For the Kindle Fire

Good news for Kindle Fire owners as AOL has launched a new app that is specifically designed for Kindle Fire. PLAY by AOL is a new app for Kindle Fire users that is made perfect for the 7 inch screen of Kindle Fire and its resolution of 1024 x 600. Everything about this app is redone in order to make it look as good as possible on Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

The app PLAY by AOL is somewhat like other versions of PLAY. This music and media app puts the onboard mp3 collection in an fascinating environment making it look stylish and much more interactive than just a dull looking files and folders of mp3 collection. Moreover, this entire app is designed and built in order to provide an experience that is not usually found in simple players. This also includes social features as well and features that allow users to share their songs and collection on social networks such as Twitter and facebook, along with the ability to share it on the PLAY network. PLAY by AOL also features a SHOUT cast player as well, which allows access to more than 55,000 stations.

The First Senior Director of AOL Mobile, Sol Lipman said in a statement that, “The Kindle Fire can’t get much more awesome, but somehow we made beautiful babies together with PLAY. It’s the best social music experience on the Fire, and I say that because I’m only mostly unbiased. Look, just stop reading and go try it.” Kindle Fire users, you heard Mister Sol, go and try this app right now and see if he is unbiased or not.

PLAY by AOL for Android and iOS was released last summer and since then the number of times this app has been downloaded on Android and iOS devices, exceeds the one million mark. However, PLAY for Kindle Fire is the only version of this app that is made specifically for a device with a large screen, so it will be a good experience to see how much effort AOL put into its PLAY and how true their words are in describing this app as the best social music experience.

The cost of this app is $0.99 on the Amazon app store if you do not like ads, so there is an ad supported version of this app available as well, so it is entirely up to you about what you prefer. Kindle fire users should be delighted that they are the first ones to get their hands on an app that is designed specifically for their devices. As the hype of this app goes, AOL must have kept in mind other apps that are somewhat similar to their PLAY.

So far, this app does sounds like the best PLAY app for Kindle Fire users as it gives users a number of options to share their collection with people on social networks as well as on the PLAY network. However, the reviews of this app are the only thing that will tell us the real story, so make sure to keep an eye out for the reviews.


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