Antivirus Update From Symantec Causes PC Crashes

The maker of the popular Norton products is taking a hit from both consumers and experts after a recent update created some serious problems for computers running on Windows XP.

Symantec has acknowledged a few days ago that the most recent update for its antivirus software has rendered some machines still running XP inoperable.  The update rolled out last week targeted the Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 antivirus for companies. Some businesses running the affected machines reported system crashes, popularly known as the “blue screen of death”, after they reboot. No exact number of machines affected were disclosed by the giant software company.

While the Symantec Security Response team investigating the case did find out the update may be the primary reason for the reported crashes, they also noticed that those machines were also running some third party software which might have also helped set a misconfiguration.  Incompatibility issue was the specific root cause according to the findings of Symantec.

After isolating the problem, the company said that they issued a rollback of signatures to rectify the problem. Symantec received reports last 11 July and immediately acted on a fix, providing affected machines with a resolution on the following day.

Customers who reported the problem said they were forced to manually remove the software from affected computers. Customers reported the process was very time consuming.

Symantec did not offer any monetary compensation for the lost productivity time and the length of time IT staff worked on disabled machines as expected. The company, in turn, offered technical support to customers and assured them that new processes will be implemented to prevent the same problem from happening again.

Symantec Corporation is the largest security software maker in the world. It is included in the list of Fortune 500 companies and declared a US$6.19 billion revenue in 2011 alone.

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