Angry Birds Coming to Samsung Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles

Ever since the first Angry Birds took their fight against the pigs in iOS platforms, the game had always been a potential seller to other devices like Androids and gaming consoles. The hugely successful trilogy: Angry Birds, Rio, and Seasons are all set, together with the newly released Angry Birds Space, to be enjoyed in gaming consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS. Rumored to be released this coming December either on a game disc version (for Xboxes and PlayStation 3s) or cartridge (for the 3DS), the entire Angry Birds franchise is set to flap further.

The next arena of Angry Birds battles will be in smart TVs. Samsung has announced last 12th of July that an app for the game will be available for certain smart TV models.

Players will be using Samsung’s Smart Interaction gesture recognition technology, which takes is composed of a built-in camera and microphone at the top of the Smart TV screen, to play the game. The TV can be controlled by using gestures or by speaking. Game players will be able to use voice commands and gestures as they help the birds annihilate the pigs during each level of the game.  While some tech experts believe Samsung’s seeming upgrade to its smart TVs are more like a gimmick, the technology is definitely a useful enhancement to the already excellent TV sets.

The game application can be downloaded directly from the Samsung TV app store.

The Samsung smart TV models include ES7000, ES8000, and ES9000. These TVs do not need a set-top box since they will be taking advantage of the recently-updated Smart TV SDK.

The move to incorporate the game to its line of Smart TVs started early this year as the company announced to the world the novel feature at CES last January. Both Rovio and Samsung have paired to also air a series of animated Angry Bird shorts through Samsung’s video on demand service.