AndroPlatina Utilities aims to root all Android devices

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and is designed for both commercial and personal use. Like any OS out there, even Android has some features that can cause harm to the system hardware disabled. The process of removal of such limitations and gain complete access to phone’s hardware is called Rooting. Once rooted, the operating system will allow you to gain control over several settings, performance, features and the user will be able to make global changes. Rooting allows you to load any ROMs, but will also void warranty and once your device is rooted, you cannot take it to manufacturer’s service center and hence you are pretty much on your own.

Rooting Android devices can be tricky, but here’s a recognized XDA contributor, varun.chitre15, who has worked hard to make an easy tool which can easily perform rooting and many other tasks on almost all the Android devices out there. The software is called “AndroPlatina” and is a toolkit that is designed to cut short the procedure of several tasks to just few clicks.

Currently, the tool kit is able to perform following tasks:
1. Recovery Flasher
2. Any device unrooter
3. Bootanimation change

However, Varun aims for following features to be added if the toolkit does get the response he has been expecting.

1. Complete Fastboot flasher
2. Any device Unrooter…Done in v1.1.0
3. Complete recovery tools (Almost all things which recovery can do)
4. Kernel flasher
5. Logcat collector
6. Bootanimation changer…Done in v1.1.0
7. OTA .exe(Publish ROM updates in form of exe and flash them via PC by a simple click)
8. Complete kitchen tools (An alternative to dsixdas kitchen)
9. Any device tweaker
10. Complete Theming Engine (An alternative to UOT Kitchen)
11. Font changer
12. APK Installer
13. Suggestions are Welcome!
14. A good UI
15. Cross Platform

Adding all the above features is going to be a time consuming affair as the tool kit aims to support most of the Android devices present in market, which calls for inclusion of tons of different files. Once the ambitious project is completed, it will surely be helping a lot of users who wish to root their device and apply tweaks. Again, it is a community project and if you are a developer, you are free to chip in and catalyze the process. Currently, the team is looking for help in the recovery flasher area as few devices will not be supported until Varun finds recovery partition for those devices.

The tool is a breeze to use. In order to root your phone using this tool, all you have to do is plug in your phone, click a button and voila! Your phone is rooted, and the best part is most of the phones are supported. Although it’s very easy to use, it is advised that you go the old school way if it is the first time you are rooting as this tool kit takes away the fundamentals of rooting, such as Fastboot ,knowledge of ADB and how to execute simple commands in terminal or command prompt. Once you have knowledge of all that, you will know where to troubleshoot exactly in case you find yourself in a problem, but if you know what you are doing, go ahead with AndroPlatina. Head over to XDA-developers over here in order to download and read instructions.

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