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Android Users to Get Jelly Bean on Saint Tib’s Eve

In order to remind me again why I’m not using the Android OS, a simple survey among companies producing smartphones and tablets revealed that there are no plans to upgrade the terminals produced by the most of them. If in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the update did not come to the most Android users even a year after being released, you can stay calm – the situation is the same with the Jelly Bean.


Unfortunately, Apple’s model does not have resonance. The fact that Apple releases a new operating system that runs smoothly on smartphones produced even 3 years ago does not stimulate in any way adopting a similar model on the Android market. Not to mention the fact that iOS 6, as well as iOS 5 and iOS 4, and actually all versions are reaching all its users in the same day, regardless of the zone on Earth or the location where the user purchased his iDevice.

Going back to the Jelly Bean, Acer, Asus and HTC – all declined to comment when it came to Google’s new operating system. LG said that will evaluate the new operating system, but currently has nothing to announce about their end. Samsung proudly announced that Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus will receive the new operating system in July, but this is due to Google, not to the Korean company. In what concerns their terminals, although the Galaxy S III will definitely get an update to Jelly Bean, at some point, regarding other smartphones, the giant declined to give any statement.

If you’re an Android user, isn’t sad that operators and terminal manufacturers require you to buy new smartphones in order to benefit from the several new features? Who is guilty for this situation – Google or the companies that do not know how to change the Android versions on terminals to make them look more original?

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