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Android Occupies Over 50% of the U.S Market but Expect Tables to Turn: Report

The dairy-products are selling like hot cupcakes and outwitting the Apple idolatry in the U.S Market. According to comscore reports, from March to May 2012, Android held over 50% of the market stake in the smartphone segment, with Apple lingering behind at 31.9%. RIM with a decline of over 2% managed to bag the third place in the U.S market.

Quite interestingly when you compare the stake of handset vendors, it shows a very vivid picture. Samsung as anticipated holds the top spot with 25.6% market stake followed by LG at 19.4% and then comes Apple at 13.9%.


However, let’s get the picture clear.

Apple has currently filed over 11 patent infringement issues against Samsung (which apparently is the main target) and various other manufacturers who run Google’s OS- Android. Besides, it has also won some of the legal patent issues in the court including the ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Last week the judge also granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung Galaxy Nexus following patent infringement claims over hardware designs. Can the ban be a bane for the Samsung? Well, perhaps.

However, that was all about road so far. The road ahead also does not look any merrier. Firstly, most of the patent action is still outstanding with the risk of getting the up-coming patents locked in the infringement lawsuit. With all due respect to Android lovers (or Apple haters), the bitter truth is that Android cannot stay on top for long with Samsung facing ban on its top products in a market like U.S.

Hardware vendors would then have a torrid time deciding whether to adapt and develop their own risk, where they hold a high risk of being completely thrashed out of the market. Windows Mobile would be a better choice perhaps. Google’s bane is Microsoft’s gain. That’s probably the reason why it has been lingering around trying to make a mark. This perhaps would be their ideal opportunity to strike.

In the lethal legal takedown between Apple and Google, it’s hard to predict which way the bar is going to shift.

Who do you think would be on the top by next year?

Storm your thoughts/intuitions/predictions/hypothesis in. We would love to hear.

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