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Android Gaming Console to revolutionize Gaming World

Let’s accept the irony in buying an Xbox 360 or PS3- the after-costs of buying those high-end, ravish games so often exceeds the price of the gaming console itself.

Wouldn’t it be great if the games were free (at least to try) and the gaming consoles- tad inexpensive? That’s precisely the conception behind Ouya- a new TV gaming console which would be powered by Android.

The open-source foundation is the prime advantage Ouya would have over other gaming consoles. It is set to alter the dynamics of the gaming world and tilt the balance the Android way. Ouya would reportedly support HD games which would be rendered via Tegra3 processor and would be optimized to suit LCD, LED and perhaps 3D TVs as well.

Though the Ouya console development is already under-way, they need money to support their operations.

Ouya has reportedly raised over $ 1 million in just 8 hours, making it the fastest ever Kickstarter project. It has already collected over $ 4.5 million from 30,000 backers so far with still 26 days left to raise even more funds. (For stats, projects like ‘Pebble-e-watch’ and ‘Double Fine Adventure’ took longer than Ouya to raise funds (17 hours and 21 hours respectively), which again points that Ouya could be the next big thing.)

While many believed the $100 Ouya Gaming console would be nothing more than a ludicrous attempt and would never take-off, Ouya seems to have defied those imprudent hypothetical talks by receiving donations from thousands of people worldwide. People seem to be really interested in this cheap gaming system which promises free video games for all. As a marketing strategy, Ouya also offered a discounted reward tier of $95 in exchange for a finished console and controller and succeeded in pegging more than 1000 donations. Ouya has also bagged donations of $99 each from 25,000 odd backers. As a token of appreciation, Ouya would who be shipping them the gaming console well before it actually hits the market.

Another significant advantage Ouya would offer is that interaction with gaming console won’t be restricted just to games. As the platform would be Android, theoretically, any plausible application can be deployed and run on the gaming console. For instance, Kickstarter page mentions about the possible integration of app for live streaming of gaming tournaments and events.

Considering the pedigree of Ouya developers, the lucrative price-tag, the optimistic response from the gaming audience and the open-source advantage, the Ouya project which looked a bit hazy few months back (mainly due to lack of attention from main-stream gaming audience), now looks surprisingly promising.

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