Android Forums Now Back to Full Operation After Hacking Incident

The popular Android Forums with over a million active users remained active even after an attempted hacking incident on Tuesday. The community manager, known only as Phases, of the said forum posted an update on the site on July 10th after being informed that the web host on which the website runs had a security breach and that a certain table on’s database was forcibly accessed with greater possibility that the usernames and passwords were compromised.

Together with the bad news, the community manager posted some facts relating to the incident and some of them are as follows;

  • The issues related to the incident have already been identified and eventually resolved. Extra security measures have also been done to ensure such exploits will never happen again in the near future. Everyone working for Android Forums was reportedly working to make things better for the community and eventually, the resolution was provided within 12 hours since the hacking incident happened.
  • All codes that are stored in the database were reportedly inspected for any malicious edits. The servers were also thoroughly checked for any sort of uploads and malwares. While these things are being done, the forums remained active as if nothing happened but users were immediately informed and instructed to change the passwords associated with their accounts.
  • No other sites were reportedly accessed. It could be that the hacker(s) was actually targeting Android Forums in the first place. Or perhaps, it just happened that a rogue user was able to find vulnerabilities and exploited them to gain access to the database of the forums.

While users of any community don’t want to see their accounts being compromised, there is always the possibility that someone can find vulnerabilities he can use to gain access. The good thing about the Android Forums incident is that, the administrators and everyone with an important role helped to resolve the issue and they did without having to bring the site down for hours. Users applauded all the efforts exerted to have the issue resolved.

Source: Android Forums

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