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Amazon Works on Three New Kindle Fire Tablets

Amazon is reportedly preparing three new models of the popular Kindle Fire tablet for a probable launch this fall. The retail giant appears to be starting production of the next iterations of the wildly-successful tablet this summer. The tablets have no official name yet but have been nicknamed the Kindle Fire 2.

According to Richard Shim of NPD Display Search, supply chain sources have revealed that two of the models are slated for production this coming August. One of them will have no camera and a 1024 x 600 display whereas another will have a camera and a 1280 x 800 screen. The third model, for its part, will sport a camera, a 1280 x 800 display, and the ability to connect to 4G networks. This last model is scheduled for production in September. The production schedule will allow Amazon to release the tablet in time for the lucrative holiday season, which was also around the same time that the Kindle Fire was launched last year.

All of the new models are expected to have displays measuring 7 inches diagonally like the original tablet. Moreover, the pixel density is pegged to be 216 pixels per inch, which is somewhat higher than the 170 pixels per inch offered by the first-generation Kindle Fire. The new pixel density is interestingly the same as on the Google Nexus 7, allowing the tablets to be competitive with the Google-branded device. When compared to the latest iPad, however, whose Retina Display has a pixel density of 264 pixels, the Kindle Fire is still far behind.

Inside, the new Kindle Fire slates could be powered by a Texas Instruments OMAP processor or the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chip. As for its prices, Amazon will likely ask for a low price once again for these tablets to make them attractive to the low-end market segment.

Meanwhile, a larger model measuring 8.9 inches diagonally might also be in the works. With the measurement, this version will be slightly larger than the recently-unveiled Google Nexus 7 tablet, and a bit smaller than many Android tablets measuring 9.7 inches. Also in the rumor mill is an Amazon-branded smartphone whose details, like what operating system it will carry, are still scant at present.

Via: Apple Insider

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