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Amazon Rumored to be Developing its Own Smartphone

The performance of Kindle Fire in the tablet market has been remarkable – it has not been easy for a new comer to curve out a niche in the market on first attempt but Amazon did it.  There were earlier rumors that Amazon is working on two new mini-tablets to be released later this year as we posted here, but we have something new today.  Amazon is rumored to be working on a smartphone – a new hardware project that is expected to further complicate the war in the smartphone market further.

According to sources on Bloomberg, Amazon is working on the smartphone that will battle the popular Android and the iPhone in the smartphone market.  This does not come as a surprise really, there have been reports of the company checking with Chinese hardware manufacturers last year as they pondered over the project.  Foxconn is also identified as a possible partner in the development of the smartphone meaning that the device will most likely have a Snapdragon processor.

The report according to the source at Bloomberg is still shallow though as there are no juicier details about the smartphone – no reports on the operating system, main memory capacity, which company will develop the hardware and what network it will be available on.  What is clear though is that Amazon is gradually bolstering up its patent portfolio especially with the acquisition of UpNext, a 3D mapping service.

Speculators say that the company may develop a smartphone that targets average-cost users as it did with the Kindle Fire tablet.  The bigger issue though is whether the company will be able to compete with the already established companies such as Samsung, Apple, HTC and Nokia in the smartphone arena.  The rumors indicate that the smartphone is likely to be launched before the end of this year – so we will just have to wait and see.

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