Amazon Announces Social Gaming Service GameCircle

A new social gaming service appears to be Amazon’s answer to Apple’sGameCenter. Amazon launched the service for its Kindle Fire tablet on Wednesday, among speculations that it is not only trying to reach out to tablet users with a cheaper price and gazillion of content, but also trying to seriously woo gaming customers and developers.

Their apparent target of Apple’s Game Center is a clear indication that they are trying to force the pace and create some real competition to the hitherto unchallenged iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Amazon GameCircle is reported of being capable of not only providing a better user interface, but also save the gamers’ progress in the cloud so that he can resume from where he left at any time.

It appears that Amazon is also trying to ensure that its increasing horde of developers is kept happy with an array of easy to integrate API set. These will ensure that developers can use a single click for the buy now option from inside the game, along with leaderboard banner options, syncing of data and also achievements.

Paul Ryder the Vice President of Apps, Games and Services at Amazon seems to be very confident when he mentioned that they are only beginning to explore the possibilities. Evidently, GameCircle will become the basic platform for games development for developers and it should give them an opportunity to develop better content, which will be more absorbing for their users and certainly more rewarding for them.

With the impending revision of the Kindle Fire and the likely entry of Amazon into the smartphone market, it is safe to say that they are trying to squeeze some space for them in the crowded US market for handheld devices. With their huge content database, cheaper prices and now improved platform, they are surely a major threat in the making for some of the other device manufactures.

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