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Alternate way to bring Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to your Device

Who doesn’t want to grab a piece of the Jellybeans? The Ice-Cream Sandwich is melting following the release of the latest Google OS which claims to be smoother, faster, better.

Google is getting ready to release the source code for Android 4.1 Jellybean and CyanogenMod- a custom operating system has already started gearing in bringing the voguish, iOS prototyped operating system to boatloads of devices.

The project was put in jeopardy when it took longer for CyanogenMod’s developers to transit from Google 2.3 to Google 4.0. That however was because Google 2.3 and Google 4.0 were two different worlds. They had to work really hard to make the ends meet. That however isn’t the case with Jellybeans.

Jellybeans= Ice-Cream Sandwich topped up with jelly and beans. There is no considerable change in the way it looks or it works. However, it does look better and works faster, but the changes are not that walloping that they can’t be tackled. Hence, the switch from Android 4.0 to Android 4.1 is expected to be faster.

Google ICS is supported by CyanogenMod 9 which delivers a complete ICS experience on your device. However, you might need sufficient amount of RAM and perhaps if not a blazing fast processor than at least a sufficiently sturdy processor to make sure the OS runs smoothly. According to CyanogenMod’s developers, any phone which supports CM9 should also be able to run CM10. The developers are planning to provide the update remotely to those users.

However, until Google releases the complete source-code which we know should be done by around mid-July; CyanogenMod’s developers would continue developing CyanogenMod 9 and would work on providing support for CM7.2.CM 7.2 works flawlessly on gizmos which have lower chunks of memory and sloth processors. It lays its roots from Android 2.3 and is specifically designed for phones which cannot support Google 4.0 and versions above that.

Though most people rumble and mumble when they hear the name- Custom firmware, tinkerers and people who love experimenting with their phones would love it.

To know more on why to install, what gets installed and how to install, flick over here.

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