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Alleged iPhone 5 Front Plate Leaks, Hints at a Bigger Display


An alleged front plate of the iPhone 5 has leaked, showing the space for a bigger display and well, that’s about it. If this new rumor is anything to go by, the new iPhone could not be any different (design wise) from the existing iPhone. The bigger display however would be the highlight, if turned out to be true. There are two images above – one showing the front part of the panel and the other one with the panel turned over. The panel reveals all the markings of the existing iPhone with space for the proximity sensor, earpiece and the front facing camera. A noticeable difference is the camera sensor placement which on the current iPhone is right next to the speaker grill, whereas on the image above is right above it, much like the iPod Touch.

The iPhone since its inception back in 2007 has never really seen a bigger display, so this seems to be a major upgrade. The rest of the design though remains the same with no noticeable difference. But as this is an unconfirmed leak, we’re not sure if we can completely indulge in it. It should however give us an idea as to what’s coming with the new iPhone. Further, it is believed that the purported new iPhone has already gone into production. This makes sense as the new iPhone is believed to launch on August 7 according to some older reports.

We’re not sure if these new reports coming from can be believed, but we’ll certainly looking forward to the launch of the new iDevice. Foxconn has already given us enough build up to go with, by recently mentioning that the new iPhone will put the Galaxy S III “to shame”. So it seems like something big is cooking over at Foxconn. Reports of the iPad Mini are steadily surfacing too, so we might have that to look forward to. So one might think that Apple has a lot on its plate to keep up with the changing market conditions.

The iPad Mini will be a direct competitor to the Nexus 7, which is believed to have sold out already. So with the iPhone 5 being one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, it shouldn’t be surprising to see the iPad Mini along with it. While the early August announcement date seems likely, we cannot rule out the October announcement date either since Apple announced the iPhone 4S around the same time last year. Some believe that people expect too much from the new iPhone and that might not necessarily be a good thing.

Via: Pocketnow

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