After Much Wait, Angry Birds is Heading To Video Game Consoles

Not long ago a game named Angry bird took the world by a storm. Now sources say that Rovio’s Angry Birds is heading to video game consoles. However, this time there is a date for it and it is said to be available for the holiday season of 2012. This is a long awaited dream come true for Angry Birds fans that were anxiously waiting for it to arrive on game consoles because since 2 years ago, the company has been discussing publically about making Angry Birds available for game consoles.

In June at E3, Activision said that it is collaborating with Rovio in order to bring the pig-smashing mayhem to game consoles. However, that news just turned out to be another teaser for the Angry Birds fans. But, now it looks like that Angry Birds will be released for the holiday season 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and for Nintendo 3DS as a trilogy that will feature the original Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio, according to IGN. However, there was no news about the Angry Birds coming to Wii. Moreover, there is no news about Angry Birds Space either, so we cannot be sure that it will be available on consoles or not.

In order to make Angry Birds fit for console plays, it is being given new animated backgrounds, new cinematics, and plenty of other unnamed extras just to make it more enticing for users who will be playing it on consoles. Moreover, the games will also be enhanced to have a resolution that is designed for HDTV. The game will be played on regular game controllers of its respective games and it will also support motion control via Kinect and PlayStation Move as well. As for the Nintendo 3DS users, the game will support the Street Pass feature, which will allow users to connect with other 3DS users nearby.

Just so you know, Angry Birds is not the first mobile game that took the leap from mobile gaming to console gamin. Other mobile games such as Plants vs. Zombies came to Xbox 360 back in 2010 and according to Kotaky, Doodle Jump is also going to be available for Xbox 360 pretty soon.

I know by now, you guys would be wondering what the price of the Angry Birds trilogy would be? Well, this is something interesting that we will just have to wait and see because in 2011, Matt Peckham reported that Rovio’s marketing chief, Peter Vesterbacka complained while taking a shot at traditional game consoles that games these days costs too much at $40 to $60.

Let’s hope that Peter Vesterbacka has his say in the pricing of the Angry Birds Trilogy so that he can make this game cost less so that users can enjoy their favourite game at an affordable price. However, like everything else, we can only hope that it happens. But regardless of the price, Angry Birds Trilogy is going to be a hot seller this holiday season because it is the first time this mobile sensation will be available for consoles.

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