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Adaptxt Tablet Beta, The Free But Intelligent Keyboard

Of all the countless free keyboard app available in the Google Play, the Adaptxt Table is a class apart. The fact that the developers, KeyPoint Technologies are giving it as a free download, does not mean that they have made a mediocre keyboard app. Adaptxt Tablet is one of the more advanced and intelligent keyboard apps available for tablets.

The key feature that makes it so easy to use is it’s intelligent algorithm. Apart from the usual word suggestion, the app also manages to quite effectively predict the next word that you might use in the sentence that you are typing.

ATR or Automatic Text Replace is another useful feature, which basically lets you assign an automatic text replace shortcut to a word phrase, using which will automatically type a whole sentence that you have assigned to the shortcut. Very useful to avoid typing phrases that you frequently use.

Adaptxt Tablet Beta is perfect for tablet use, with tablet specific features like two dual keyboard support. The app lets you type using both split keyboard layout as well as the classic layout. The developers have also given attention to small details such as the ability to place the word prediction and suggestion banner either above the key or below them.

The other feature which is in beta stage is the write feature. The keyboard provides a space where you can scribble the words that you type. The features works fine enough even in beta stage.

Adaptxt Tablet is also flexible enough to support a host of different languages and even adapts to be used by people in different professions.

The Adaptxt Tablet Beta is available for download from the Google Play link which you can access by clicking here. If you own an Android tablet, there is no reason why you should not give this versatile and intelligent, free keyboard app a try.

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