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Acer A500 gets Android Jelly Bean

Since the launch of Android Jelly Bean 4.1 at the end of June, the list of devices officially announced to get the new version is short to say the least, so the news of the first Android 4.1 port for Acer’s Iconia A500 has been met with some excitement.

RandomBlame, a senior member of XDA-Developers’ forum is the mastermind behind this port, having already impressively played a pivotal role in the development of the two functional ROMS for the Galaxy S3 and One X.

Over the last few days, RandomBlame have been busy and have done a great job with this early alpha build. But let’s face it, most of us who are used to running the latest version of Android are used to having a bug or two, so there is no surprise that there are still a few problems to be ironed out at this early stage. So, if you do face bug related problems in this version so do not be surprised and do not talk bad about it because there are still new versions of it to come, depending on the appreciation it gets.

In summary, there are problems with audio, WiFi, SD card and USB port, though as in the past, bugs tend to be ironed out quickly, so watch the XDA Developers forum thread for further updates.

In the main, WiFi and sound are working.  The signal indicator in the notification area is broken, though let us face, few of us rely on that to know if we are connected or not, just open your internet connection enabled apps and find out!   Some apps will play sound but since system sounds are working just yet, some sounds are not fully functional.

There is a problem with installing apps that need to store data on the SD card.  You will find that the SD card is accessible via file system explorer, however application that needs to store data on SD card will fail to install, not much use if you are a gamer as larger games are unlikely to install.

Some users are also reporting issues with Google.  Though the port allows you to page through the welcome setup, Google Search will force rolling close after you have tapped finish on the last screen of Google Now setup.  Additionally, if some applications are left open when screen lock activates, the screen goes black when unlocked.

Though in some cases there are workarounds available for these bugs, it is highly unlikely you are going to use this early alpha build as a daily driver, especially if you are a gamer.  That said, it’s a good preview of what is about to come, so keep an eye out on the XDA Developers forum thread for further updates.  If you are on an unlocked ICS Bootloader and the sound of a few bugs is not putting you off, head over to the thread for the download links and general ROM information.

If you fancy your hand at developing Jelly Bean ports for other devices, check out the walkthrough guide posted by RandomBlame posted on this same thread.

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