About The Samsung Galaxy S2 4.0.4 Update

After news began to emerge a few days ago of a leak of the much anticipated 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update for the Samsung Galaxy S2, it has been confirmed that the update is now officially available, however, don’t get too excited yet, just now the update is available only for Galaxy S2 owners in Russia. The update will soon the markets in the rest of the world soon.

It is anticipated other owners will be able to obtain the update in the next couple of months.  Owners will be able to update their Galaxy S2 by either Samsung Kies or Over-The Air (OTA).

So when you receive it, what can you expect?  Well the update promises to bring enhanced stability and a slew of performance updates and bug fixes.

This latest update shows Samsung’s commitment to the Galaxy S2, despite the recent emergence of the Galaxy S3 in the marketplace.  Samsung has continued to push updates to all their versions of the Galaxy S2 to the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but this is the first release of the 4.0.4. So, what should we expect? Definitely something good! Because since it is android, then there is nothing to worry about it being something of no use to the consumers.

Since its launch in 2011, Samsung Galaxy S2 continues to attract interest from tech geeks who consider it sets trends whilst waiting for other smartphones to catch up.  Samsung announced that by June 2012, it had sold over 24 million of the Galaxy S2 handsets worldwide.

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance and has since a number of updates to its base operating system since it original commercial release of Android 1.0 in September 2008.  Since April 2009, each version has been released under a codename based on a dessert, which, released in alphabetical order have been cupcake, donut, éclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, and ice cream sandwich.  A jelly bean version was released late in June 2012 and owners of the Galaxy S2 will I’m sure be hoping that this latest update to Android 4.0.4 (ICS) will pave the way for a later update to Jelly Bean.

The Galaxy S2 was originally launched with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with most owners currently running on Android 4.0.3 (ICS).  Featuring a 4.3in Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy S2 was released in April last year.  The device sports a high resolution 8mp rear-facing camera and 2mp front camera.  It is equipped with an Exynos dual-core CortexA-9 processor clocked at 1.2GHz.  The handset is powered by a 1650mAH battery and according to Samsung, delivers talk time up to 18 hours and 20 minutes in 2G and up to 8 hours and 40 minutes in 3g connectivity.

So, now Samsung users can enjoy a new update and hope that their smart phones continue to give them the very best of what they deserve for the money they have paid. That is all for now about Samsung Galaxy, we will share any more news with you people as soon as we come across it.

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20 Replies to “About The Samsung Galaxy S2 4.0.4 Update”

  1. They took away the “blacklist” option on this update. I used to be able to go to Settings>Call Settings> Blacklist. Now, there’s no blacklist option. Now I can’t block any numbers or texts that I don’t want contacting me! Hello? This is NOT ok! Frustrating. Do you want us to use apps to block numbers instead, further adding bugs and freezes? Oy. Jeeez.

  2. This update os pure garbage. My phone was perfect before the update and now i can’t stand it. The battery drains way too fast and i keep losing connection to the server. There is way too many bugs to point out. Stop f#?!/#$ with a good thing.

  3. I got 4.0.4 last week and I hate it. Besides everything looking different, buttons that I used to use not being there anymore, the connection to my WiFi is TERRIBLE and even though it says it’s connected, it’s not pushing notifications. In FB, every time I click on a post, the phone says internet connection was lost but then most of the time it goes on and opens the post. The touch screen seems less sensitive and I have to tap repeatedly on buttons that used to respond to one touch. I can’t view video posts on FB that were uploaded with a iphone or i whatever, though the audio is there the video is not visible. I want my old version back!

  4. I hate this update! I can no longer transfer music from my computer to my phone. It charges only when connected to computer. I changed that somehow, and now it connects as a camera. It says to insert hardware, i used to be able to hit cancel twice and it would work. Now it doesnt. I have tried everything I have seen posted, and nothing has worked. Can someone please help me!

  5. I updated my Samsung on Monday and as of today i tried to switch back but could not.
    Voice mail gets cut off at the end.
    Can’t use my blue tooth device in my car it just won’t work.
    When switching apps it will got to far out and then over shoots back (real pain)
    I want my old OS back !!!

  6. When something bad happens, I, being an optimist, try to find the good in something. I started out with a list of pros and cons, but that didn’t end well (the pros were massacred). So I came up with these instead:
    1-the update was 4 months late, which have us 4 extra months to use our phone before they were screwed up
    2-if the update is this horrible now, just imagine how horrible it would’ve been 4 months ago of they had released it on time. It would’ve been so bad, some people wouldn’t switched to apple!

  7. My phone was on standby for two hours while I was watching a movie and when I got a low battery alert after the movie (below 30%) (my phone was about 70% before the movie) I decided to check battery usage and discovered that the OS used 62% followed by the display at 16%. That’s pretty bad.

  8. @ S2 fan, My only issue aside from the battery is that it rendomly freezes and then it says something like” Sprint ID has stopped working and needs to close” when I don’t even use Sprint ID as my launcher. But my main concern is the battery life..it amazes me how a simple OS can have such an impact on a battery. Well, hopefully the developers can somehow address these issues cause im sure they’re not about to launch another new versio of OS again soon. Maybe like patched or something you know..cheers!

  9. TO GUS: I noticed the battery drains faster, too. In addition, I get a lot of error messages saying that the battery’s stopped charging because the voltage is high; I never received that message before.

  10. I take my comment back(above).

    Since the update my phone’s battery drains faster than it used to with the previous OS. This blows.

  11. This is the worse upgrade ever, I went from haveing the perfect phone to a crappy phone. I upgrade my galaxyII over-the-air
    1- It contiually reboot itself, I can
    not have a decient conversation
    2- While recording video the screen
    goes from light to dark
    3- While trying to select and app or
    slide the screen it freezes.
    This upgrade was suppose to improve this phone……..What happened???
    When will someone fix this????

  12. The ics was the worst update ever I totally agree with s2 fan. I think I will be upgrading to s3.

  13. New update (7/13/12) is driving me crazy.
    1. Every application freezes and shuts down
    2. I have to click multiple times in any app to make a selection or click a link on the internet
    3. Had to clear the phone’s data for Swype to stay using it after the update
    4. Internet pages scroll back up to the top of their own accord

    Is this supposed to force me to upgrade to the new S3?

  14. I recently got the update about two hours ago and there is already too many bugs. not to mention the ugly unlock screens. this was an absolute terrible update.

  15. I updated my epic 4g touch over-the-air and it continually unmounts both my SD cards (internal and external) about every 10 minutes. Can anybody give me advice and is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

  16. Just got the message this morning…did a over-the-air update…didn’t take that long (about an hour)..and Adobe is supported to those in question.And I am pretty pleased with the update.

  17. I have the update to Ice Cream Sandwich.
    It is available through the Kies program. It took about 2 hours. But so far it is worth it!

  18. What’s up with the rumor that adobe (flash) won’t be supporting this version of Android?

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