A Comparison Between Nexus 7 and iPad 3 – Which One Is The Best?

The battle between tablets ages back to the dawn of these handheld gadgets. Ever since the first tablet debuted, manufacturers are in a neck to neck battle to get the most of the tablet market. However, with the passage of time and with new technologies being introduced, it seems to be becoming more and more challenging for these companies to bring the best of features in a tablet. Apple’s iPad pops in mind when you think about a tablet. Since, Apple is one of the founders of tablets, it is important to mention how Apple led the way and set new standards for the tablet market. However, Google seem to have stood up to Apple, although not straight in Apple’s face, but you get the point – with its new tablet called Nexus 7.


Nexus v iPad
Nexus v iPad

The main purpose of Nexus 7 was to stand up to Amazon and other 7-inch tablet manufacturers like Samsung and Nook tablet. Nexus 7 is by far the best 7-inch tablet that you can find these days. However, what would you prefer to have – an iPad 3 or a Nexus 7 powered by Google’s Android 4.1?


We’ll go to features later. First, we will discuss about usability, how easy it is to use an iPad 3 as compared to Nexus 7 and vice versa.

To be honest, iPad 3 features are just dazzling because Apple has kicked up its tablet performance and features more than a notch in their iPad 3, resulting in a great user experience. iPad 3 is not just smart, it is easy to use as well. As compared to iPad 3, Nexus 7 is not much different either. As most of us know that it is the best tablet you can find in a small size and since it is powered by Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) it is bound to be better. Android users would know the difference of usability with every Android update that is made available for them.



Nexus 7 added another number to the long line of black tablets. However, Nexus 7 has a lot going on because its leather like back side makes it easier to hold in hand. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad 3 does not looks much different from its predecessors and yes you will be required to have a smart cover or case for your iPad 3 in order to make it easier to hold and to make sure it does not slips out of your hand.


iPad 3 display is 9.7 inches and Nexus 7 has a 7 inch display and it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that there is a considerable difference in their resolutions. iPad 3 has a 2048 x 1536 screen resolution whereas Nexus 7 features a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. Now, when you compare the resolution, you really have to keep the size of the screen in mind as well.


This is where the comparison gets interesting because the Apple iPad 3 is powered by an A5X Processor and a Quad Core graphics. On the other hand, the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor in Nexus 7 is quad core and has another core to take care of its low power tasks in order to save battery. The Nexus 7 comes with a 12 core GPU.


Nexus 7 gives an astounding 9.5 hours of battery whereas the iPad 3 gives 10 hours of battery. This is a close competition between the two, but we will have to wait for more results in order to get the best picture.


When you are shopping for a tablet, price is one of the biggest deciding factors. The starting price of Nexus 7 is $199 whereas iPad prices start from $499.

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