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5 Phones That You ‘SHOULD NOT’ Buy

If you are thinking about buying a smart phone, then following are some smart phones that you should avoid. Though, these smart phones look very attractive, highly appealing because of their key specs, but still you should avoid them based on these following reasons.

Sony Xperia Lon (AT&T)

The 12 MP camera and high definition video on this handset is something people have been drooling about and to be honest, these things are what most people are looking for in a smart phone these days. On top of that, it is a device by Sony, which is powered by Android Gingerbread, so it all makes it sound like a must have smart phone. However, you should not have this smart phone because aside from its stylish looks and compelling features, this smart phone is held back by its old processor, outdated OS, video belie and lackluster images of its claimed 12 MP camera. All of this sounds controversial, which is not right, considering that it is a device branded with the Sony logo. People, who are/were interested in buying this smart phone, should reconsider their options.

ZTE Score M (MetroPCS)

The reason this smart phone should not be purchased is because 600mHz Qualcomm processor and runs on MetroPCS Network. Now, I do have to mention here that Metro has some of the slowest data speeds around. The good thing in this handset is that it has a sturdy but light design and it has a good call quality along with a long lasting battery. Although, this handset is not the fastest one, given its features, but they are enough for your basic features like texting, making calls, calculating tip. Moreover, this handset is preloaded with Swype typing feature. The final verdict on this handset is that, it is too slow, combined with a slow data speeds, and it comes with a lot of bloatware. It is best that you avoid it because there are plenty of good alternatives to this smart phone.


Pantech Swift (AT&T)

The Pantech Swift QWERTY slider is good look phone with an angled screen and the icons are user finger friendly, with a home button just to make the navigation easier. However, do not let its perfect little messaging phone looks distract you because this phone does no favors when it comes to its tired processor, unresponsive screen and wonky email app. There are sufficient flaws in the Pantech Swift that would keep anyone, who knows about these flaws, from referring someone to buy this handset.

Samsung Brightside (Verizon)

The Samsung Brightside comes with a comfortable slide out QWERTY keyboard. Call quality of this phone is also decent and the design takes advantage of voice commands. So why would this phone be a no-no? Well, aside from its some good features, this phone has a laggy processor, a mediocre camera and on top of that, you get an iffy screen resolution. So if you can’t stomach all of these in one phone, then do not buy Samsung Brightside.

Pantech Hotshot (Verizon)

Pantech Hotshot is a feature phone that is design thin and is light to handle. It has good call quality and a surprisingly decent camera result. However, the Processor is extremely laggy and the touch screen is not sensitive enough, which can easily make simple functions such as swiping, texting, pinch to zoom and other features extremely frustrating for the user. There is nothing wrong in being a feature phone, which the Pantech Hotshot really is, but it is also trying to be a smartphone as well. The bottom line on this phone is a big No.

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