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ZTE Intros the “World’s Thinnest Smartphone”

The China-based company ZTE has created the world’s thinnest smartphone. Codenamed Athena, this smartphone reportedly measures only 6.2 mm thin. This beats the the Oppo Finder, which measures only 6.55 mm in thickness as well as the Huawei Ascend P1 S, measuring 6.68 mm. Both the Oppo Finder and the Huawei Ascend P1 S were the thinnest phones in the world for a time.

Of course, ZTE’s claim should be true until a new company comes along and announces an even thinner smartphone. This should not be long given that new smartphones hit the market everyday, and the competition from manufacturers, both big and small, is intense. Nonetheless, the smartphone has been getting some attention on the blog China Sina Weibo.

When juxtaposed with other popular phones, ZTE’s Athena seems to have really achieved something. The iPhone, by comparison measures 9.3 mm thin; the Samsung Galaxy SII measures 8.45 mm thin; and the Droid RAZR measures 7.1 mm.

Its specifications, to date, however, are quite wanting as the company has not revealed much about this mysterious smartphone. Yet this could be also part of ZTE’s marketing strategy, allowing consumers to speculate about the product.

Engadget surmises that the ZTE Athena will possibly have a 720p IPS HD display and a multi-core Cortex A15 processor. It will also likely have up to 64 GB of internal storage capacity and carry ZTE’S MiFlavor UI. An Android smartphone, the Athena will likely have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich onboard. There are also strong suggestions that the smartphone will come in different colors, including a black Kevlar-looking one, or possibly a patterned-plastic covered one, that appeared on a photo on Sina Weibo.

There is still no word as to how much the ZTE Athena will cost, as well as when it would be officially released. ZTE, however, needs to launch it as soon as possible, or some other company might steal the crown from them before they even get to wear it.

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