Zombies Run Workout App Finally Arrived to Android

The Zombies, Run workout app has finally arrived on Android devices. In the past, only iOS device users could enjoy this app that involved having users listen to a story and complete missions while they do their exercising.

Fundamentally, the app is designed to accompany and motivate runners in an innovative way. Users play the role of a zombie apocalypse survivor who needs to gather important supplies such as clothing, food, medicines, weapons or a first aid kit to help other survivors and build a base. Meanwhile, zombies lurk in corners, trying to “capture” the player. To achieve this illusion, the developers have incorporated guttural heaving, groaning, and grunting noises that get louder as the flesh-devouring creatures come nearer.

Co-created by Kickstarter and novelist Naomi Alderman, the game depends on GPS and can be played while jogging on a trail, the beach, or in a park. The storyline unfolds via pre-recorded audio and includes up to 30 missions and around 40 runs. Users are given rewards for accomplishing the missions which they can check when they get home.

To give users more control, the app developers have included a Zombie Chases mode where users have to increase their speed as the zombies also increase theirs. There is furthermore an option to create a custom playlist of the dynamic recordings before the run. Kickstarter adds a social dimension to the game by allowing players to sign up for a service called ZombieLink which will enable them to share their runs and run history, as well as view a playback of chases that will allow them to track whether they were faster when the zombies were close. Soon, Kickstarter is adding maps to the ZombieLink service, as well.

The app makes for a good 20 to 30 minute workout and costs $7.99 at Google Play. Currently, it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 starts from 126 app reviewers, and around 1,000-5,000 installs.

via android community