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YouTube 4.0 With Better UI And Features For Android

Along with the tons of other updates that Google is pushing out as a part of it’s Google I/O developer conference, the updated for Android’s YouTube has also been released. YouTube for Android version 4.0 now has got some cool new improvements in this iteration.

The left hand side of the app screen now has a channel feed. This section of the app, now gives an easy access to all your feeds and video channels subscribed by the user and all the videos keep updating automatically.

Watching YouTube videos on the updated app will be a much faster experience now. This is thanks to the app’s ability to cache videos. This feature can be turned on or off from the settings options by enabling the “preloading” option. So, the next time your phone is idle and your phone is connected to an active WiFi signal, the app automatically pre-loads the videos from your favorite channels. The next time you use the app to play these videos, they will start playing instantly. No more waiting time for the video to buffer.  This, however, does not mean you can watch pre-loaded videos without an active connection. You still need to be connected to a network to watch them.

The other update that the app has received is the ability to use the app via your phone or tablet as a remote to control the YouTube video being played on your home HDTV. With the app, users can now, like, subscribe, comment, watch the next video and more. “We’re working to make this broadly available across connected TVs and living room devices”, reads the official YouTube blog.

YouTube for Android 4.0 version updates:

“Android 3.2+ devices: v.4.0
* New UI: Guide on the left side of the screen with instant access to channels
* Preload videos while on WiFi and charging for smooth playback on the go
* Turn your phone into a remote, to play YouTube videos on other devices
* Access your watch History across devices
Earlier Android devices: v.2.4
* Sign-in with Google account
* HD playback (on capable phones)
* Multiple bug fixes”

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