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You Could Use Your HTC One X for Tethering

A senior member of XDA Developers Forum named t0mmy has a workaround for those who want to use HTC One X’s Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. This feature, otherwise known as tethering, enables other users to access Wi-Fi from the phone freely or after being given permission through WEP, WPA or WPA2 encryption. Up to eight devices can connect to this personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Some, however, have reported that the feature is not working on their phones.

A possible solution for problems like this is to use a bootloader unlocking tool. HTC, in fact, had been planning a release of an official bootloader unlocking tool that would allow developers and modders to fix bugs like these easily. However, AT&T disapproved this plan, and instead disallowed tethering for those who are not on a tethering plan.

Fortunately, however, t0mmy, as mentioned posted a One Click Tether Enabler for AT&T One X, a tool that enables the stock Wi-Fi Hotspot app even without a tethering plan from AT&T. The requirement for it to work is the stock from from Rogers or AT&T. Other ROMs which do not come with the fix automatically may also use the tool.

Since the tool is one-click, it is very easy to use. All one has to do is to connect the handset to a computer, then download the file from the forum. Then, the user has to unzip the file and run it, as well as follow the provided instructions.

Naturally, AT&T will frown upon this hacking, and would most probably detect that the user is using a workaround at any rate. Thus, readers are cautioned of the risks of performing such a tethering, even if the original HTC One X does offer the feature. For those who would like to avail of the tethering plan instead, it costs $50 per month from AT&T.


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