WTHR For iOS: The Most Beautiful Weather App Yet

There is no shortage of weather apps for smartphones. There are tons of them and most of them give tons of information which we will almost never use and most of them come with too haphazard a design to be appealing to the eye. WTHR weather app is an exception in that crowd. Its simple and elegant design is the best I have ever come across among not just weather apps but also other apps as well.

The WTHR app is not very rich in terms of features but one look at the above images will tell you that it is not always about the features. Simplicity and ease of use matters a lot. Developer David Elgena is said to have designed this app with Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of design in mind.

Here is what the developer told MacStories about what he had in mind while designing WTHR
My intentions with WTHR was really to create something as beautiful as the device that hosts them… and I do believe that even UI designers and app developers could gain inspiration from Dieter Ram’s product designs.
Too often we load digital products with features and hidden or hard to use interfaces because we are suddenly given this almost infinitely layered product, the real discipline is control. There is no difference from when Dieter Rams was designing his first clock face… to an app on the iPhone.”

All the features that the app has is what you see in those images. A simple toggle switch to switch between degree Fahrenheit and degree Celsius and a refresh button which rotates the dial to point out the current weather condition. The app does all the location detection automatically without worrying you about it.

If all you care about is whether it is going to be sunny or rainy or a cloudy day and what the temperature outside, this is the best weather app available in the Apple App Store.
The $0.99 app will soon be updated with some more features and a darker color scheme as well.