WSJ says Google may be accelerating development of their own voice assistant program

We all know that Google has been working on its own voice based virtual assistant for some time now. It may be true that Apple came out first into the market with such a product (we are talking about the Siri app on iPhone 4S), but Google is of course working on a similar product. The Siri app on the iPhone 4S and now on the new iPad, just works well, that is what its plus point is. It somehow works really well.

It recognizes the user commands really quickly from the server of the Cupertino tech giant over the internet, and later takes the appropriate actions nicely. Frankly, this has been the only selling point of the smart phone for some time now.

But Google is not far behind. The company has its own voice based virtual assistant app under development in the Google X Lab. And according to the Wall Street Journal, the search giant is speeding up their development of their voice assistant to compete. Well, that is a good news.

The WSJ says that Google is “accelerating plans to launch its own Siri competitor”, which means that we, Android lovers and users, would get something very interesting and fun on our smart phones to play with. Will this be the next big thing on the new release of the Android operating system, the Jelly Bean? Well, we do not know that yet. Android Guys writes, “Rumors surrounding Google’s “Assistant’ state that the application would be more like Star Trek’s Computer than an app to look up news and weather. Beam us up, Scotty.”

Well, as interesting as it may sound, it would become too much fancy on an actual smart phone that you plan to use on an hourly basis, don’t you think so? But I guess that is what most users want, make Android as geeky as possible, it sure will be fun.

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