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Wink to Unlock: Jelly Bean 4.1 feature

We wonder what’s wrong with Apple and Google- while one makes us talk to a girl, another makes us wink at the screen.

Well, Google has tweaked the Face Unlock feature embedded in the Ice Cream Sandwich which ironically became more of a fun concept, rather than security feature. Google would now perform a “Liveliness” check to make sure you are alive while unlocking the phone (To use this feature, you would need to tick this feature in the Settings Tab).

Moving ahead, to pass the Liveliness check you would need to wink in front of your screen. Previously, people used to bypass the facial recognition by putting a photo before the camera. The additional wink now sinks that trick down the puddle.

There have been numerous problems with the Face Unlock feature integrated into the Ice Cream Sandwich. One of which has already been mentioned. The other problem eminently was that the screen never locked out, even after numerous attempts. So, technically a thug would have infinite number of tries to unlock your phone. That would perhaps be the last thing you would want in this world in the name of security.

That feature however has also been tweaked in Jelly Bean 4.1. After a few failed attempts, you would need to unlock the device by mandatorily passing through the check. Hitting the power button recurrently won’t help.

Google lays claims that Face Unlock would now be more secure as it would now need an additional wink as a confirmatory signal to initiate the unlock procedure. In other words, previous attempts which cracked the Face Unlock with the help of a photo would now fail as fortunately, photos do not wink. You cannot even photo-shop an image to make it dynamically blink.

Do you think winking is a good idea? Would you ever use this feature in public?

Share your thoughts. Wink.

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