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Windows Phone 8 to have universal search

One small complaint that most Windows Phone users have is that there is no universal search option in the operating system. This is very irritating when you have to search something on your smart phone and the results do not show up at the desired place. For example, let us consider that you are in the app drawer looking for an app. And all of a sudden, for some random reason, you need to search a contact. For this, you can not use the search option in the app drawer. You need to go to the contacts app and search from there. You could rather scroll down to that contact and choose the contact you want.

But this is not the case in other operating systems. You could just open the universal search app and search all your music, contacts, apps, videos, and others at one single place. This is what universal search means. But now, rumors says that the new version of Windows Phone, that is the Windows Phone 8, will have this new feature.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it is going to be really good. There is still nothing clear about this though. You can see from the screenshot that it does look a lot like a universal search app, but we can not be sure of it until we see it in the final release of the operating system. If you have tried out any of the previews of the Windows 8 operating system for desktop computers, you will be knowing that there is a very similar feature on that as well. So we can hope to see the same thing coming to the stripped down version, the mobile operating system.

There is one more concern, if the new Windows Phone 8 functions similar to the Windows Phone 7 OS, then the physical search button on a device will bring up Bing search app, for internet search. If you want the local universal search, you will have to go to it the software way. But I guess the operating system will have an option to toggle with Bing search and the new universal search.

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