Windows Phone 8 Release Date: WP8 Will Not Work on Current Smartphones. Why?

Microsoft has disappointed many owners of Windows Phone smartphones, announcing that the next mobile operating system – Windows Phone 8 – won’t work on any of the current generation smartphones. As a result of the news released by Microsoft, Nokia’s stock ticker collapsed within a few days at the lowest level in the last 16 years.

Apparently indifferent to the damage caused to its main hardware partner, Microsoft officials explained why Windows Phone 8 cannot work on current generation of smartphones. They say the main reason is the fundamental changes brought to the architecture of their OS.

Although it looks somewhat similar, Windows Phone 8 is built on the foundations of the Windows 8 RT system (tablets with ARM processors), which in its turn was created using a Windows NT kernel, just like the one found in the Windows operating systems for PCs.

However, Windows Phone 7 is based on Windows CE (a reduced version of Windows 95), as well as the ‘old’ Windows Mobile.

Unlike WP 7, the core used for Windows Phone 8 supports multi-core processors and advanced graphics cores, high resolution screens, support for microSD cards and NFC connectivity – all of them being features that require new hardware. According to Microsoft, although WP8’s adaptation to current hardware is theoretically possible, the investment would be too expensive and the benefits to small to justify the effort.

In return, Microsoft decided to develop in parallel Windows Phone 7.8 – a WP7 edition with WP8 interface. Those who install the update package will enjoy the new Windows 8-style of Start Screen and can continue to use applications designed for Windows Phone 7.

Unfortunately, none of the new applications created for Windows Phone 8 will work with WP7. This means that users will either be happy with the current collection of applications or will invest in a smartphone with Windows Phone 8. The same rule applies to the games created for WP8 handsets, which have too advanced graphics to be rendered by the graphics processor installed on a previous-generation smartphone.

As expected, Windows Phone ecosystem’s fragmentation blows up the entire offer of smartphones with Windows Phone 7.x, whether we are talking about models from Nokia or other manufacturers. Until updating the smartphones offer with models compatible with Windows Phone 8, the current supply of products is rapidly becoming undesirable for any user informed, eager to have unrestricted access to applications in the Windows Phone 8 era.

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  1. No MicroSD
    No SMS export/import
    No backups unless before an update through zune
    No mass storage mode
    No bluetooth modem
    Unreliable USB modem
    No easy way of unlocking tether
    Tiny app collection
    Forced hotmail contact sync without an option to use phone memory
    Single-page tile screen
    From to to to
    From WinMo to WinPhone7 that is incompatible with WinPhone8.
    (Some mental problem with people at MS.)
    Used iPhone, Androids, and WinPhone7, and Android is more PC friendly.
    WTF, MS? Master Shit, so gay.
    I’m going Android and never looking back to piece of shit WinPhone.

  2. The things you described WP missing were added within 6 months of the platform’s release, while it took over 3 years for iOS to do so. Everything you described, WP does. They may have been deal-breakers for you a year and a half ago, but today, those are not issues.

  3. In concept the idea of unifying their mobile and desktop platforms is extremely exciting and potentially a game changer for MS.
    However, the release of Windows 7 and many of its crass shortcomings (lack of direct USB sync, no copy & paste, etc.) do not offer much confidence on the inner decision -making process going on at Redmond.
    At best we are looking at many sacred cow features on the project. At worst we are looking at many sacred cow features being pushed by individuals who actually have no clue.
    I tried the original Windows 7 phone and gave up due to the absence of the features listed above; they were deal breakers. It is extremely appalling that IOS is able to sync my Outlook but MS is not.That still baffles me to the point of twisting my head to the side and screaming “Really?!”
    I have also been running the Developer and Consumer previews of Windows 8. Both on a desktop and on a touchscreen laptop. The touchscreen experience, if placed on a tablet with the full hardware capabilities of running Windows software will be awesome. But running on a regular desktop environment, with a keyboard and mouse, became unbearable within about 30 hour…
    It might be late at night and I had a hard day at work… The way I feel is that, as far as technology is concerned, I will have to sell my soul to the Devil (Apple), play with the slow, “special” kids (Microsoft), or take my chances with what could end up being Jekyll and Hyde (Google).

  4. Well, Not really interested in W8 for PC, so it does not really matter to me. If others have the money to upgrade to a new phone for a slightly different OS. go ahead.

  5. PS. I like Phablets! I would love a 7″ Phablet that really worked. I always carry a bag with me wherever I go and my phone is always in my bag with my Pad or Laptop. In fact, give me a 9″ or more Phablet and I would be happy as a sheep, I mean, lamb, and would only have to carry one device that did everything I needed it to do. What is so wrong with that idea? Seems like people think of Phablets as the Anti-Phone! I would love one. I never put my phone to my ear so plug it into my tablet makes more sense to me than sitting here waiting for iP5, give me a, oh let’s say, 8″ iPad with, dare I say it, A PHONE! My life would be whole and complete. And if I want to hold this 8″ thing to my head that’s my problem!

  6. And we are having serious debates about how much power the President and the House really have? They haven’t even talked about what the “world” will really be about in the not so distant future, like yesterday! We are not talking about who has one or not, who can make or break Wall St. or not, but we are talking about what small parts of the engine should control the car! Who’s driving the economy? Jobs? I don’t know what future they keep talking about and looking at but it’s not the one we live in.

  7. Thought of buying a windows phone, but the new windows 8 phone and its features makes me pause for a while and wait till the win 8 phone comes out.

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