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Windows 8 features deep integration with Facebook Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn

Microsoft has already released the last preview of its new operating system, the Windows 8 Release Preview. And the company is constantly releasing new updates to the preview edition so that testers will be able to test almost all the features of the new operating system by the time it hits the public this fall. Now, the operating system giant has released a new app called People, which, well, is a people management system. People in the sense info about people which translates to contacts.

On Windows 7 or older versions of the operating system, you need an extra software installed on your computer if you want to have your contacts on your computer, for example, Office Outlook. But on Windows 8, with this new People app, everything is built it. The app uses your Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Exchange accounts to sync contacts to your computer. So once you log in on your computer using all of these accounts in the app, you will have all your contacts here, which you can then manage and manipulate as you wish. Gizmodo writes:

The cloud-based app is designed to keep contacts in order, sure, by syncing details from a glut of online address books. But it also lets users view and interact directly with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, retweeting posts or liking statuses, from within the app itself. The app is also designed to sync data from Exchange, Google and LinkedIn, and has a built-in conflict management system—a little like Windows Phone—which attempts to collate contact data.

If this sounds a lot like your smart phone, well, it is. Not just this, the People app will let other apps installed on your computer to access contacts from the People app. This means that you do not need to have different sets of contacts for different apps. One centralized collection of contacts will serve the whole system.

This is good thinking, and if this works out without errors, this could be really fun to use. Try it out today.

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