Wearable Sony High-Definition Video Camera Revealed

Japanese electronics company Sony revealed its newest wearable high-definition video camera at CEA Line Show on June 26th, 2012. This is the company’s solution to the ever growing need to film high velocity sports and actions. For decades, film industries always find high velocity activities difficult to catch on tape knowing picture would greatly be affected with speed, thus HD picture is almost impossible until now.

At the CEA Line Show, Sony showed the wearable device in its booth (#71). It was demonstrated how the camera should be worn to produce better quality picture. Output pictures have also been shown to view and applaud the definition Sony is boasting about. Basically, the company has new features and technologies that it wants to showcase in this new video camera.

Everybody knows Sony is an able company as far as video and photo capturing is concerned. For example, its CyberShot technology has been well-acclaimed being the only technology that once offered clearer and brighter photos. The new wearable HD video camera sports the company’s newest technology, the SteadyShot, which is basically a stabilization technology that has equivalent features in other cameras.

If there is one thing that the new HD video camera can really take pride of, that’s the ability to reduce blur considerably and deliver stunning footage despite high speed motion. Going a little technical about the ability to capture high-def photos, this camera is capable of recording high-speed videos while enhancing every frame to produce better quality and richer photos.

This capability will never be possible without the help of Exmor R CMOS image sensor which makes the camera capable of shooting high quality pictures under low-light environment. Sony also made sure that the lens is the best of its kind by using Carl Zeiss Tessar lens capable of capturing ultra-wide angles. To protect all these components, Sony has given this video camera ruggedized and waterproof housings.

There is no information as to the price of this device but the company assures everyone that it will be released in Fall 2012. Photography geeks and enthusiasts believe it will not be marketed at a lower price range considering it is lightweight and durable and comes with tons of features and new technologies.

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