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Vodafone Offered Palm Vein Reader for Smartphone Recharging

Vodafone has improved the Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck this year with infrared Palm Vein Readers to track consumers.

Vodafone has made its presence known in UK festivals in the past through the Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck. Previously, it offered to recharge smartphones that have gone low on battery on these events because of heavy use such as picture-taking and video-recording. It had a capacity to charge as many as 2,000 phones at once. To keep track of consumers last year and to avoid the seemingly inevitable phone mix-up or the stealing of other people’s phones, Vodafone made use of wristbands with barcodes and photos of the phone owners.

This year, Vodafone makes the process easy both for their staff and the consumers. Those who want to avail of Vodafone’s service simply have to place their hand onto a palm reader. The reader then will identify the consumer by means of the pattern that the blood vessels make. The machine then creates a vein map that identifies that consumer. It is a fast process that takes only a few seconds to finish, and is completely foolproof.

According to the UK phone company, this technology is already in use at Japanese banks. Vodafone adds that this technology is suitable even for an environment such as a festival, where many people’s hands are soaked in water or coated with mud. The palm reader works just the same even under these conditions and is very safe to use. Just the same, however, Vodafone is providing antibacterial wipes for the consumers. Vodafone also anticipates the needs of the crowd by providing chargers for various kinds of devices.

This is a good innovation that other companies might do well to replicate, especially in festivals where it is essential to have a fully-charged device in case people lose their companions.

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