Vizio Co-Star Set-Top Box for Google TV Launched, Priced at $99

Google TV is getting a lot of attention at Google I/O 2012. California-based manufacturer, VIZIO, announced the existence of Co-Star set-top box which is specifically tailored for Google TV. Coming with a price tag of $99, experts believe that it may perform well in entertainment market because it does not just bring good quality TV programming, it also provides access to Google Play Store and live gaming. Its slick remote control adds up to the likeliness of being chosen from the rest.

Vizio shared its plan of building a set-top box for Google TV at CES 2012 so it’s not really a surprise if the LCD HDTV manufacturer would come up with another entertainment peripheral to be added to its lineup of new releases this year. Back in February, the company showed off an unnamed prototype of its set-top box with added features and capabilities.

Vizio Co-Star Features

If not because of its modern features, Vizio Co-Star is just another set-top box you can find anywhere else. Thus, it is just right to mention them here for people to know what this entertainment device can do and offer.

USB Port. Not every day you’ll be able to see a set-top that could read USB. With this, it is given that you’d be able to play videos or any multimedia files from your flash drive.

802.11n Support. It may not sound significant to a lot of people but it is good to know it supports the newest specification aside from 802.11a/b/g.

HDMI Port. It supports both HDMI in and out feeds. Basically, Co-Star offers high-definition pictures either it is used as a bridge or the source.

Ethernet. Aside from Wi-Fi connectivity, you will be given another option; the wired connection.

Slick Remote. Its remote control has a lot of buttons as with a typical one but Vizio added a touch-sensitive trackpad, quick buttons, and full QWERTY keyboard; features you can never find from other remote controls.

What made Vizio Co-Star more competitive is its price. It poses a great threat to Apple TV, Roku 2 XS and Sony’s next generation Google TV set-top box which are offered at higher price ranges. Pre-orders will be available starting July but there is no definite release date yet.

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