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VIA ARM Digital Signage System: A New Small Android-based PC

A new small computer called the VIA ARM Digital Signage System has arrived from VIA Embedded. This device has been designed for use in POS systems, TVOIP, cloud streaming, home entertainment systems, video walls, kiosks, menu boards, as well as in various niches such as education, hospitality, and the retailing business.

Its body boasts of an ergonomic design that measures 18cm x 12cm x 2.5cm. With such a small size, it packs many features. The VIA ARM Digital Signage System can run on Google Android OS or even other operating systems installed on it. Moreover, its makers are looking forward to future partnerships with other developers of third-party software.

Inside, it is powered by an ARM CPU as its name implies. Specifically, it is equipped with an industry standard Cortex A9 processor and sports 64 GB of internal storage alongside 2 GB of DDR2 RAM. Likewise, it has 4 USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port for connecting the device to peripherals or a larger display like a monitor or an HD television.

Users will enjoy doing the latter since this small computer also supports 1080p full HD video playback. Ethernet, mic in, headphone jacks are likewise in its list of specifications. The device carries certification by Energy Star, assuring consumers that of its energy-efficiency. Lastly, it offers support for VIA software and may run digital content management applications perhaps like Navori, Ayuda, and Scala.

Currently, its manufacturer has not announced its price yet, but it is expected to cost at least more than the $49 price tag of a similar device called the VIA APC. Produced by the same company, this computer has lower specifications including an ARM 11 processor, 1 GB of internal storage, and only 512 MB of memory. In contrast with the Digital Signage System, the APC is targeted at hobbyists.

All in all, this could be an attractive package especially if VIA Embedded gives it a correspondingly reasonable price.

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