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Verizon With the Major Automakers Dig Into a 4G Venture: Might Bring Tablets into Your Car?

The telecommunications company Verizon has teamed up with the large automakers like BMW, Toyota, Huyndai, Honda, and Kia to create 4G Venture Forum for Connected Cars. Strangely, however, North American car makers are not part of the effort, despite the fact that Verizon is a U.S.-based company. Joining the initiative as well is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which will assist in the research and development of remote media access from vehicles in areas like telematics and infotainment.

The 4G Venture Forum for Connected Cars intends to bring 4G LTE connectivity to vehicles. Initially, the aim is to develop a set of open standards that would be followed by Verizon and the car companies. The standards that will be established need to be also taken into consideration by app developers, device makers, and anyone in the field of developing connectivity in vehicles. In all these, however, Verizon zeroes in on the number one priority of the initiative, which is safe driving. Simply stated, the developments should not interfere in providing a safe journey for the driver and the passengers while they enjoy the benefits of 4G LTE connectivity.

Verizon recognizes that they would have to surmount several difficulties in the project. Among these are responsible driving and sustainability. Vehicle-to-vehicle solutions are as well  need to be studied closely. These are further complicated by new laws on hands-free cellphone use.

At present, Verizon owns the largest 4G wireless network in the United States. However, the Forum promises to provide support for other companies if they offer advancements in this niche. The member companies of the forum, therefore, may also work with other companies like Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

As telecommunications and car companies further explore the potential of telematics in advancing their goals, one should expect many new changes in both industries. The most obvious of these is that there will be many new features introduced by automakers that involve 4G LTE connectivity. Yet furthermore, as people get accustomed to enjoying connectivity while driving, these developments might even alter our experiences of driving and getting to our destination.

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