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Verizon to Offer Share Everything Plan Fairly Soon

Verizon has come up with a new offer called the Share Everything Plan which simplifies data solutions needed for various devices. In other words, instead of having a different plan for the data consumed by the various phones, tablets, notebooks, USB modems, and other mobile devices in household, one will only pay a single bill from Verizon.

The company makes it easy for users to decide which plan is appropriate for them by means of a Share Everything Calculator that may be found on the Verizon website. This calculator considers the number of devices present in the household, the number of minutes they commonly use, the number of messages they send and receive, as well as the amount of data they use on all their devices. Then, it draws up a recommended plan from among their list.

On the Share Everything Plan, users incur a monthly fee for calls and text. This fee depends on the kind of phone: basic phones are charged $30 each while smartphones go for $40 each. The fee gives an unlimited number of minutes and text messages for users of smartphones. Meanwhile, those using basic phones get an unlimited number of text messages and 700 minutes to be shared among the users.

On top of this, users with jetpacks, notebooks, USB sticks, and netbooks need to pay a monthly fee of $20. For every tablet, Verizon adds $10 to the bill. Lastly, there is a monthly charge for a data pool, or a list of up to ten devices that will share the plan. This depends on the amount of data that will be shared. 1 GB of data costs $50; 2 GB of data costs $60; 4 GB of data costs $70, and so on. The limit for the Share Everything Plan is $10 GB of shared data, which is priced at $100.

If these plans are not suited for the users’ needs, Verizon also gives other options. One gives an additional fee for the use of the phone as a mobile hotspot, while another gives users only data usage and no calls and text messages.

The Share Everything Plan from Verizon will become available this coming June 28th.

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