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Verizon Opted to End its Android Data Widget

Verizon has pulled out the Android data widget from the phones of its subscribers. Users have been sent a notification that informs them of the automatic removal. However, they may also delete it manually by following some instructions. Likewise, the alert hints at a forthcoming software update that will make available the data usage monitoring service again.

Verizon’s data widget used to display how much data users had consumed right on the homescreen so they do not go beyond their limit. The useful tool saved users time from checking their data usage on the Verizon website.

This move has presumably been done in preparation for Big Red’s impeding launch of its Share Everything plans this week. Share Everything is a set of new plans that initially allow users to estimate how much data they need. This can be done by means of a specially-designed data calculator at the Verizon Wireless website. Alternatively, consumers can go to My Verizon Online or My Verizon Mobile and check how much data they have used in the current month and in the past months to give them an idea of how much they need. They can likewise dial #DATA or #3282 and will be led to an estimate.

Then, it draws up a corresponding plan from among its list of packages. Everything else like voice calls and text messages will be unlimited. There are likewise options for those who want to sign up for data-only services or on the other hand, basic phone services. This billing scheme can include up to ten devices, counting smartphones, basic phones, tablets, mobile hotspots, jetpacks, netbooks, notebooks, and USBs.

In lieu of the data widget, Verizon offers several ways of checking and managing data usage. Through text messages or e-mail, they can opt to get alerts for when they are approaching the limit or exceeded the limit of data allotted to them. The Verizon website will also have their data usage as in the past. If users would ever feel that the data they signed up for is insufficient, they can change their allowance at any time.

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