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Verizon Announced Global Roaming for Samsung Galaxy S3

Verizon will soon send out an Over The Air or OTA update that will allow subscribers using devices with 4G LTE connectivity to enjoy global roaming.

Verizon had long been offering global roaming for other devices, but recently-released phone models have not been able to avail of this service thus far. Among the phones which will get global roaming capabilities are the LG Spectrum, Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx, Droid 4, and the HTC Rezound. There is also the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be getting the same treatment. It seems, however, that not all 4G LTE capable phones will get the update soon as Verizon has specified only these models for now. Nonetheless, it is likely that the feature will be available in the future to other 4G LTE-capable models from Verizon.

To enjoy the global roaming feature, consumers are required to add payment on top of the current contract rates. There is an option, fortunately, to turn off the feature when users return to the United States from travels abroad, so they do not incur global roaming bills while in the country.

Verizon has not released the rates of the global roaming feature for 4G LTE-enabled phones. The rates, however, based on the company’s Verizon Global page, have prices starting from 40 cents per minute to nine dollars per minute, depending on where the user is calling from. Voice roaming is available in over 220 countries. Meanwhile, Internet or data use can be accessed from over 205 countries with regular speed, or from 150 countries with 3G speed. There is also a Global Travel Program for customers who are traveling for less than 21 days.

At this time, it is unknown when the update it will be sent, but hopefully it will happen soon. Global roaming is always a useful feature especially for frequent travelers out of the country as it saves on local Internet usage bills and local long distance costs.

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