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Ubuntu, Android pair up to knock Apple down

Reportedly, the two Linux kernel based cousins- Ubuntu and Android can team up in the near future to knock Apple’s iOS down in the smartphone segment.

The strength of Apple lies in the simplicity and integrity of its iOS. Everything is tightly bound and that makes it relatively easy to use and easy to familiarize with. That’s probably what makes it the world’s hottest smart-phone selling brand.

While the strength of apple lies in simplicity, the strength of Android lies in diversity. By Diversity, we mean more support, more features and more compatibility. For instance, iPhone doesn’t have the ability to be docked in and act like a computer.

Though Android sold like hotcakes in 2012 and has out-powered iOS, iPhones have been spread across major carriers and the base price has dropped below 100$.Android quite eminently wants to overpower iOS and seems to leave no stone unturned in doing just that.

Well, for starters, Ubuntu wants to bring innovation in the smartphone segment by 2012 and it foresees smartphone/PC convergence. It’s teaming up with Android hardware experts to develop a system which can bridge the smartphone/PC gap.

Interestingly, Ubuntu developers revealed that the smartphones would behave normally when they’re not docked in. It’s only when they are pinched with those pins below them, would they magically transform into computers. The integration would be relatively easier as both the OS lay its roots on Linux kernels. In layman terms, they speak the same language,

It has also been noted that the Ubuntu OS is so lean that it can be stocked in 2 GB and would include apps for email, web browsing, photo editing and music.

However, Mr Collins, the Product manager of Ubuntu for Android said that it will take close co-operation and cohesion to optimize the hardware performance of each smartphone to lay grounds for its elite open-source OS. He was positive about Ubuntu being integrated into high-end Android phones by 2012.

How fascinating do you think this is? Would this family reunion change the dynamics of the smartphone/computer world?

Dock your thoughts in.

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