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U.S. Cellular Offers New Prepaid Plans for Android Smartphones

U.S. Cellular has announced three new prepaid plans for Android smartphones and Android feature phones. Among the smartphones that may avail of these plans are the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Mesmerize, Samsung Repp, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Merge, Motola Electrify, and Huawei Ascend II. Feature handsets like the Samsung Character, Samsung Freeform 4, Samsung Chrono 2, LG Saver, and the LG Saber are also included.

The prepaid plans cover text, voice, and data usage. The first two plans offer unlimited voice calls and text messages nationwide. For smartphone users, they are allotted 2 GB of data usage at the cost of $65 per month. On the other hand, feature phone users may have 1 GB of data at the cost of $50 each month. The third plan, meanwhile, does not include data usage. Users get 400 text messages, 400 picture messages, and 400 voice minutes for the price of $35 per month.

The new prepaid plans are a reshuffling of U.S. Cellular’s old prepaid plans. In the new plans, the regional carrier slashed some dollars off the price of the old plans, possibly to attract new customers. The unlimited plan used to cost $70, giving users $5 in savings. Meanwhile the mid-tier plan, which was originally priced at $60, gives users a $10 savings.

However, the price reduction might be a bit deceptive. New owners of smartphones, for instance, are required to avail of the $65 plan even if they mostly rely on WiFi to use the Internet on their phone. Thus, the new plan might be more expensive for new smartphone owners, who would be paying for data that they might not need. The $35 plan also might not be very wise for users who cannot consume the allotted minutes, data, and text messages. Old users, at least, can opt not to change their current plans if they feel that their old plan works better.

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