Turn Your Regular Television into a Smart TV!

Liquid TV offers a solution for those who want to own a Smart TV but do not have the budget. The company claims that its innovation called SmartKey TV has the ability to convert a regular television into a Smart TV.

Smart TVs, which are televisions with Internet connectivity and Web 2.0 features are being offered left and right today by television manufacturers hoping to cash in a growing obsession with interactivity. However, these televisions often carry high price tags to complement the long list of features.

SmartKey TV is a small dongle that boasts of being currently the tiniest one in the world that offers HDMI and has the ability of bringing Android 4.0 to a non-Smart TV. There is however, a requirement: the television should possesses HDMI input, which one cannot really say for all regular televisions out there. Apart from televisions, though, this moreover works with video screens and projector, provided they have HDMI input, too.

The dongle has a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal storage capacity, and Mali 400 graphics. It also comes with a Wi-Fi radio, a microSDHC card slot for expansion, and a USB port.

It allows users to view Full HD 1080p videos, music, and photos. It as well includes a voice recognition feature that enables users to give input to the device by means of the voice. However, users can also control the television using a special remote control with a QWERTY keyboard that is equipped with an air mouse function, motion control and a G-sensor. Skype is possible on the device, as well as Youtube. Social network junkies never miss any update through its Facebook and Twitter features.

The device, which is produced by an Italian company will be available starting July. Prices are expected to be around 99 Euros or $124 for a dongle-only package, and 119 Euro or $150 for a dongle and remote control set.