Top 3 Cases for Motorola Droid Razr Series

Motorola DROID Razr Maxx is one of the coolest smartphones released this year. Aside from its customized user interface, it’s design was built to impress both tech enthusiasts and Android lovers. But while it comes with already great case, owners often find ways to make their devices even look better that’s why they look out for new cases that could complement their phones’ physical features. That being, here are three of the most popular Motorola Droid Razr series cases.

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Otterbox is one of the top-rated makers of smartphone cases and while their products are often accepted and lauded by enthusiasts, they have been able to perfect the case for Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. The Ottebox Defender Series Hybrid case offers dual-layer protection for your handset.

The inner shell is a thin yet hard cover which definitely protects your phone against shocks, whereas the outer layer is rubberized to give users a good grip of it. Droid Razr series are so thin that even if you add these two layers for protection, you would still have a normally thick smartphone on your palm. Quality-wise, Otterbox never ceases to impress both new and repeat buyers.

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Among the cases for Droid Razr series that received really good feedback are the ones from Seidio. While the maker strives to produce cases with great design, it never compromises the quality and durability of its products. Such claim is evident when you look Seidio CONVERT Combo.

This case comes in 5 parts:

Screen Protector. You will know if you’re using the one cheaper quality if bubbles form between the protector and the screen; this one sticks lightly to the screen without any bubbles of some sort.

Innocase. This will come in 2 parts as well but both snap together to embrace your phone. At this point, your handset already has an added protection.

Rubber Cover. A rubberized covering will also embrace Innocase and serves as a shock absorber. It is also essential to the stability of the next cover.

Exoskeleton. With your phone embraced by a rubberized cover, the outer plastic layer will have a good grip of it. This is actually the final protection your phone gets directly.

Holster. The last part of Seidio Convert Combo case is the holster that also adds some sort of protection but it is actually designed for convenience.

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[easyazon-link asin=”B0064R6VWO” locale=”us”]XT912 Shell Holster Combo W/ Kick-Stand[/easyazon-link]

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This case is specifically built for Motorola Droid Razr. Verizon offers it on its website with a high price but it’s listed on Amazon cheaper. As much as it wants to add protection to your handset, it does not compromise the thinness of your Droid Razr. Apparently, this case was built with precision as all the ports and holes are in line, although only the back, right and left sides are protected but that explains why it is a bit cheaper than the two cases previously mentioned here.

The kickstand is the one that receives many thumbs up as it allows landscape and portrait viewing. This case is minimalist so you cannot expect any more added designs and features. But if you’re looking for a case that provides just the right protection for our phone at the right price, this could be your best bet.

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There could be many cases available in the market that would offer your Motorola Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx the protection they need, but these cases have already gone beyond the expectations of the owners. Before you actually set your eyes on any case, why don’t you take time to see what these products can offer you?

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